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This is Memorial Day, a thank-you and tribute to all servicemen and women who fought and even died defending and fighting for our nation. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to do some of the things you do, and I won't pretend to understand what's going on by just grazing the latest headlines. Just know that you have my sincere thanks.

This is also my eldest son's birthday, who's turned 21 today. I still remember the nervous feeling I had waiting outside the hospital all those years ago as I waited for him, only for a c-section delivery. What a day. I can scarcely believe it was that long ago now.

We've had several days lately of cloud-covered pastel-grey skies. It should have rained a little more so far considering all the stormy-looking skies we've had. I really wouldn't mind if it just opened up with a long downpour. Maybe tonight. Maybe later this week. We'll see.

I was working at the mall when someone's car parked out in the lot caught fire. I could see billowing plumes of smoke through the window panes of the entryway. Could you imagine going shopping, having what-so-far is a pretty routine day, when you go outside to find your ride is in flames?

May Day

May. 1st, 2013 12:10 am
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Recent news: The death of George Jones, one of country music's legends. I wasn't a big country music fan in the 80's when he was still producing hits, but since then I have grown to appreciate this style of music with everything else I now listen to. Ironically, I have his EP called "The Classic Mercury Years" which is a collection of his biggest hits from early in his career. Rest in peace. George Jones gone at age 81.

May, as a month, just got started minutes ago, and last weekend's warm, almost summer-like temps have caved to the point it might actually snow again. I doubt it'll be cold enough to make any snow truly stick this time of the year, but some forecasts are calling for better than six inches of the stuff not far from here. Really? Yes. I've actaully seen ten inches of snow pile up overnight in early May in Minnesota. Bring it on. Maybe, like the piles of hot chili paste and sriracha sauce I put on my food occasionally, it's just one of those things that help me realize I'm still alive.

Star went to her great-aunt's funeral last Friday night and brought Rey with her. It wasn't a particularly eventful night for me, watching more of the "Heroes" series from Netflix, and then I went to bed a little earlier than usual. My arthritis bites a little harder when the workplace puts me through the ringer, and I need the extra sleep. Anyway, Star and Rey returned the following evening, and Rey had developed some sort of a skin rash. One allergy tablet, one oatmeal bath and a few anti-itch cream rubs later his rash seems to have gone completely away. It's his allergies to cats, just like me, his father. It's just that his newer, more sensitive skin manifests a rash, unlike me who just gets the plugged sinuses and watery eyes.
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I had mentioned last time I felt like it was a new chapter in my life. My oldest son just became a father, officially launching me into grandfatherdom. I can't wait to meet the little munch, of course. It's just that using the term "grandfather" to describe me just doesn't seem right. The word conjures up the stereotypical vision an old greying men shuffling around behind a cane or spending lazy afternoons in a rocker watching old Bob Barker Price-is-Right reruns. I guess it shows how useless stereotypes really are.

I digress, the son of my son was born today, during an April blizzard, when the tornado sirens wailed for a severe weather drill. I went outside with Rey after school, and those sirens were going off while we whipped snowballs at each other. April 18, 2013... definetely a unique day.


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